Strategy & Design

A good strategy starts with good intel. Ours begins with impact and complexity assessments that enable us to define DAP requirements, suggest solutions, and demonstrate them. When you like what you see, we'll bring that curriculum to life. 


Our content is simple, intuitive, and carefully crafted to seamlessly enable long-term learning and practice. We also build the scaffolding for your success, providing design notes, handling UAT testing—and even planning and executing your rollout.

Product Ownership Training

DAP success is often lost or won in the dialogue between platform owners and stakeholders. A confident DAP product owner can identify the opportunities and clear calls-to-action for stakeholders to champion change. We offer role-specific upskilling, stakeholder analysis/education, and COE/governance design to teach your team the language of success.


Pure usage data doesn't tell you anything. How do you know if your users are “learning and leaving” or if they’re simply throwing in the towel? 20 years in change adoption and a dash of empathy have sharpened our eyes to critical metrics that demonstrate actual adoption. With our regular report books, you can pinpoint the moments of comprehension, track the realities of progress, and pinpoint high-value next steps.

Protection Against Change

Your DAP content is always one technology release away from obsolescence. Walk Runners works with your teams to align the maintenance of your DAP content to the SDLC of your application(s). Rest assured your DAP content will work in the face of change with client-defined SLA for repairs, impact assessments of future platform changes, ongoing analytics monitoring, and optimization of existing content with new features.

Take Change To The Next Level.

We know adoption with DAP starts with adoption of DAP. Let us help you make DAP simple—for users and product owners!

Let's Talk DAP!