We make DAP simple, so

you can get change right —the first time.

The move to DAP is a big change.

Avoid the cost and delay of a complex learning curve. Walk Runners can create, consult, and manage every aspect of your DAP journey. We'll make sure your hard work and investment in change is protected.

Our solutions instill confidence in all stakeholders. We know adoption with DAP requires adoption of DAP—for users and product owners!

Let's Talk DAP!

We've made change happen—no matter the industry

The help you need and the help you

didn't know you need:

Strategy & Design

Good strategy starts with good intel. We get to know you and your goals, ensuring a truly customized plan of action. 

Building & Analytics

Our intuitive content enables long-term learning - meanwhile, our regular reports identify progress and high-value next steps.

Product Ownership Training

We provide the upskilling and education so you can confidently advocate for an investment in DAP. 

Protection Against Change

Rest assured DAP will work in the face of change. We collaborate with your teams to align DAP to the lifecycle of your applications. 

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Hi, I'm Chris.

I was you, so I started Walk Runners.

The year was 2014—remember the ice bucket challenge? I was placed in charge of a DAP that was new to me, new to my company, and new to the world. Tasked with simplifying our complex systems, I quickly absorbed all available self-education materials, but I needed more help.

I understood how to build, but I didn't understand when to build. I understood how to extract analytics, but I didn't understand what progress looked like. I understood how to operate in a silo, but I wasn't sure how to integrate DAP with my stakeholders/partners. I knew I could offer some help to our users, but I wasn't sure it was the right kind of help

In short, I didn't know what I didn't know. And it was clear that the help I needed did not exist. So I brewed the first of thousands of cups of coffee and set out to make myself the expert I needed.

Demystifying DAP for users and product owners.

Learn More About Our Services

Let’s talk DAP.

20 years in change adoption and almost a decade in DAP has made me quite the digital adoption nerd. I’m passionate about making change easier and preventing technology from rendering your workforce obsolete. Whether you're interested in our services or you just want to geek out over DAP, I want to hear from you.

-Chris McManus, Owner & Lead Consultant